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Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals


Relias Academy

PRN Professionals offers specialized continuing education on our Academy with Relias, by clicking on the following button:

Specialized online

learning through Relias!

Medication Aide Training Program

The program can be completed at your own pace. Clinical studies are completed over a weekend or during the week depending on availability, as clinical slots fill fast. We have day or evening options.

Why study with us?

  • $1000 total fee

  • We have a blended course either online or booked

  • We provide clinical hours for in-person medication pass in a facility setting               

  • We are a  Board-approved test Proctor

  • We have state-approved RN instructors

  • For RNs or LPNs: we provide assistance with the board's paperwork to get it approved. Candidate has to supply a transcript of the completed pharmacology course.



Initial Applicant Registration - SDBON Requirements

  • Clear background check

  • High school education or GED

  • Complete a Board-approved 20-hour Medication Administration Training Program. 
    Once submitted, we will await for SDBON to approve your application. Allow 5-7 business days for processing. After that, you will be scheduled for your UMA Exam.  SDBON provides a small window of time to complete it.​

  • Pass the Board's online UMA exam 
    The exam lasts 2hrs and consists of 65 multiple choice questions, and will be proctored by one of our team members. It is not an open book exam and students can't use any resources during the test.

After taking the exam an applicant will receive an immediate notification of a pass/fail. After passing the exam an applicant will be added to the Board's UMA registry. Registration is valid for 2 years.

After failing the exam, an applicant should review learning materials with the RN instructor, and submit a re-take application. If the exam is failed twice, the student will be required to repeat the 20hr MATP course.

For Nursing students & RNs or LPNs who do not Hold Active Licensure

  • May apply to waive the 16-hour classroom portion of MATP.

  • Students must have completed a pharmacology course and fundamentals in nursing that included theory, lab, and clinical content in medication administration.

  • All applicants must complete the 4-hour clinical/lab training with an RN instructor and competency skills checklist.

  • Submit UMA Waiver Application to Board office

  • Pass the Board's UMA exam. 

For out-of-state traveler UMAs in another state

  • Medication Aide Endorsement from Another State

  • May apply to waive the 16-hour classroom portion of MATP

  • Must have completed a high school education or GED

  • Must have completed equivalent training of at least 20 hours in length

  • Must be currently registered as a medication aide in another state

  • Must complete the 4-hour clinical/lab training with RN instructor and competency skills checklist

  • Submit the UMA Endorsement Application to the Board office

  • Pass the Board's UMA exam. 


Download the SDBON Frequently Asked Questions Guide or CONTACT US by clicking here.

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